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APMEX, which stands for “American Precious Metals Exchange,” is one of the largest online dealers of gold, silver and other precious metals. Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, APMEX offers plenty of investment options, including coins, bullion and paper currency. The following APMEX review will cover several aspects of the company, including its prices and selection, and will answer the question, “Is APMEX a good company?” Understanding how this company serves its clients is essential for investors who are seeking a dependable source for precious metals purchases.

Positive Aspects of APMEX.COM

APMEX reviews frequently mention its position as a premier dealer of precious metals. Indeed, the huge selection offered by the company is a major buoy of APMEX reputation. Still, is APMEX legitimate? According to many APMEX.com reviews, the inventory offered by this company is not topped by any other online precious metals dealer. With 8,000 products in the categories of collectibles and bullion, there is plenty for potential investors to consider.

Customer Service

One frequent compliment seen in many an APMEX.com review involves its customer service. When clients contact representatives to learn about its products, they are not pressured into buying items they do not want. This may be partly because the company does not give sales commissions to its employees. Is APMEX trustworthy? Well, the lack of hidden fees certainly boosts the reliability rating of the company among its clients.

Mint Direct

Clients who read APMEX.com reviews are likely to hear about the company’s Mint Direct program. This unique service guarantees that a variety of valuable coins purchased by investors come directly from the mint and are unopened. This provides one answer to the question, “Is APMEX reliable?”

Investor Tools

A host of special tools are offered to investors who choose APMEX. For example, an education center is provided to keep investors informed regarding 24-hour prices and price trends of precious metals. The company’s Sell to Us program gives investors peace of mind about selling back precious metals for a fair price. Finally, APMEX.com gives clients portfolio comparisons and even market alerts sent to smartphones for convenience.

Negative Aspects of APMEX.COM

APMEX complaints involve a variety of issues involving prices, delivery and quality. Is APMEX reputable? While many investors have had positive experiences with the company, understanding criticism of the precious metals dealer is important for those who are considering a purchase.

Higher Prices

The prices of precious metals from APMEX.com do tend to be higher than the costs of similar products from other dealers. Many APMEX reviews have mentioned this, and it is worth recognizing before buying coins or bullion as an investment. On the other hand, increased costs may be counterbalanced to some extent by the lack of hidden fees involved.

Delivery Problems

Is APMEX legitimate? While many signs would indicate so, the shipping record of this company is flat-out negative in some reviews. According to a few investors online, www.apmex.com did not come through after they paid for products. Some investors did not receive their shipments at all while others claimed that their products were shipped long after they should have received them. Naturally, late shipments of precious metals could cause serious problems for those who travel or have busy schedules.

Low Quality

APMEX gold and APMEX silver vary tremendously in form, but investors do expect their purchases to possess the quality for which they pay. Unfortunately, not all reviewers have been happy with what they received from this company. Some APMEX complaints have claimed that coins the company sent them were lower in quality than what they had expected.

Ratings by Consumer Reporting Agencies

Better Business Bureau: This may be the first site consumers visit upon asking, “Is APMEX trustworthy?” According to the BBB, this precious metals dealer has an A+ rating. Nevertheless, several complaints have been lodged against www.apmex.com in the past three years. Over that time period, 41 complaints have been closed with the Better Business Bureau. In the past 12 months, 11 have been closed. Most complaints dealt with product and service problems, but delivery, billing, advertising and sales were also subject to complaints.

Although this gold dealer is not a member of the Business Consumer Alliance, it has received an AAA rating from the company. At TrustLink, www.apmex.com has a 5-star rating based on a single glowing APMEX review. Is APMEX reputable in light of these ratings? Tentatively, yes. Positive ratings at these consumer watchdog sites can reassure investors about APMEX reputation.

The Bottom Line

This APMEX.com review has set out to cover this gold dealer thoroughly for the benefit of investors. Is APMEX a good company? This may partly depend on the goals of individual investors. Since AMPEX does not handle gold IRAs, investors who are already familiar with the gold IRA process may be more inclined to use them compared to those who are just getting into this area of investment. When a large selection of precious metals is desired, investors may appreciate the many options for APMEX gold and APMEX silver available as coin and bullion. So, is APMEX reliable? While the company does have some positive attributes, especially relating to selection and investor tools, its problems in other areas, particularly delivery, should prompt many investors to look elsewhere for their future financial stability.

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