Birch Gold Group Review

Birch Gold Group

When planning for retirement, it is important to know and trust the entity with which you are entrusting your assets. Given current economic and market conditions, many investors are including gold-backed IRA’s in their retirement investment portfolios. They understand that gold is not only globally accepted, it also tends to move inversely in value to that of stock market movements. This means that, when the stock market drops, the price of gold typically rises. This provides a smart and effective hedge against stock market volatility that can cause market-backed retirement accounts to lose value.

Choosing a company that sells gold for IRA’s and other investment products can be challenging. You have worked hard for your money, and you need to know that the company from which you purchase your gold is reputable, trustworthy, and also provides exemplary service for your gold investment needs.

Birch Gold Group, located in Burbank, California, was founded in 2003. They sell physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium for backing IRA’s as well as other investment purposes. We have researched the company’s practices, rankings, and other pertinent information in order to provide an objective Birch Gold Group review.

We found many positive Birch Gold Group reviews in our research, as well as some matters that may give rise to concern for the potential investor. We encourage all who may be considering this company for purchasing gold or other precious metals to read the material and research any areas of concern thoroughly before transacting business with this or any other company.

Positive Aspects of Birch Gold Group

During the course of our research, we came across several Birch Gold Group reviews that enthusiastically praised the company’s customer service policies and practices. Several of these reviews were found on the company’s own web site.

The company’s web site is eye-catching and informative. It provides information and resources that would be helpful for any investor, whether novice or experienced, who may be considering a gold-backed IRA.

The company has an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau, and has been accredited with the BBB since 2011. There have been no customer complaints shown on the Birch Gold Group BBB site within the past three years.

The company has a ranking of 4.9 stars with the online consumer reporting site known as TrustLink. At the time of our research, 45 reviews had been logged with a possible ranking range of one to five stars, with five being the highest possible ranking. The Birch Gold Group reviews recorded included positive comments about the company’s staff, noting that they were friendly, informative and overall very helpful.

The Business Consumer Alliance website also indicates a positive Birch Gold Group review, giving the company a rating of AAA, with no complaints registered in the past three years.

Negative Aspects of Birch Gold Group

While the company’s website is impressive, we encountered a few items of concern. For instance, some famous faces dominate the center of the site, captioned with the phrase “Exclusive Birch Gold Group Interviews”. The persons shown include former presidential candidate Ron Paul and investment mogul Steve Forbes, and at first glance it appears that these famous people are endorsing Birch Gold Group. However, the actual interviews are merely statements concerning investing in gold as a general topic. While this is not considered to be a Birch Gold Group scam, it could certainly be seen as misleading.

Researching the company’s web site, we found no guarantee, or even an indication, of a specified time frame in which a customer could expect his/her purchased gold to arrive at its destination. While we saw no complaints about this matter, we did notice comments on TrustLink in which the investors received their gold two to three weeks after the purchase was transacted.

Another matter of concern is actually one that was cited in the “Positive Aspects” above – the lack of complaints or negative comments. This could indicate a business that does not have a large customer base. As good as the company may be, common sense tells us that no business can ever satisfy every customer 100% of the time. The Birch Gold Group BBB website indicates that absolutely no complaints have been logged, which may fall into the category of “too good to be true.” In fact, as noted on the Better Business Bureau website, the true indicator of a great company is the manner in which they resolve complaints rather than the absence of them.

A Sensible Comparison

In order to truly assess a company, it is often good to find a company that truly performs well and use it on a comparative basis. For the purposes of this assessment, we will compare Birch Gold Group to Regal Assets. Regal Assets was also founded in 2003, so it will provide a good basis for comparison.

Regal Assets also has an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau, and has been fully accredited since 2009, two years earlier than Birch Gold Group. Regal Assets has also had no complaints lodged against it in the past three years with the Better Business Bureau, but a comparison with TrustLink illustrates the difference in sales volume between the two companies. While Birch Gold Group had 45 reviews posted on TrustLink, Regal Assets lodged an impressive 656 reviews, with an aggregate rating of 4.9 stars.

Another important difference between the two companies became very clear. As noted above, Birch Gold Group’s customers commented on TrustLink that their gold was delivered in two to three weeks from the date of purchase, whereas Regal Assets guarantees delivery within seven days of purchase. As an added pledge of service Regal Assets will provide a free gold Eagle coin if they fail to fulfill this promise. This type of service, above and beyond the norm, is the type of service that differentiates the good companies from the truly stellar ones. Read a full Regal Assets Company Review here.

While we found no evidence of a Birch Gold Group scam or other outright negative reviews, we believe that the absence of a multitude of positive reviews can be a valid cause for concern… but you decide.

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