Goldco Precious Metals Review

Goldco Precious Metals was founded in 2006 as Goldco Direct. As a provider of precious metals, including gold and silver, Goldco created a subsidiary, Heritage Gold Group, to handle gold IRA services in 2012. Eventually, the two companies merged into one company that handles everything from precious metals sales to gold IRA creation. The division between Goldco and Heritage originally was intended to allow for total focuses on sales and IRAs, respectively. However, this division also forced investors to use two separate companies when they needed both of those services. Upon merging the companies in 2014, the company gave investors the ability to have sales and gold IRA creation performed in one place. The following Goldco Precious Metals review covers the merged entity combining Goldco and Heritage Gold Group. Multiple aspects of sales and gold IRA services are covered, giving a broad overview of the company’s present-day operations.

Positive Aspects of Goldco Precious Metals

Goldco Precious Metals reviews cite several positive aspects of the company. Not only do the upsides include the precious metals sales associated with Goldco Direct, but they also involve the wider range of IRA services that Heritage Gold Group provides. Here is more about the areas in which Goldco Precious Metals shines.

Product Selection

According to many financial advisers, retirement portfolios should ideally be diversified. Investors who want to achieve diversity in their precious metals portfolios should have little trouble when they choose Goldco. Common Goldco Direct mainstays, such as bullion bars and bullion coins, remain available. Investors can also access numismatic coins if they are interested in collectible value. The innovative Goldco Precious Metals e-commerce site makes these transactions simple, and the system’s efficiency is highlighted by the lack of Goldco Direct complaints centering on it.

Customer Service

Precious metals investments often require ample interaction between sellers and investors, particularly when IRA creation is involved. Unsurprisingly, Goldco Direct has always been a stand-out provider of good service to its customers. Even since the company merged with Heritage Gold Group, no Goldco Precious Metals complaints have arisen to target customer service at this institution. Furthermore, many Goldco Precious Metals reviews have mentioned that the company serves its customers equally. Whether investors are large or small, they can expect a high level of treatment at every step of the purchasing and IRA creation process.


No Goldco Precious Metals review would be complete without emphasizing the value of having sales and IRA services available from the same provider. Since Goldco Direct and Heritage Gold Group merged, investors no longer have to use multiple companies to achieve a solid retirement account based on precious metals. Naturally, no Goldco Precious Metals complaints have addressed this merger. Savvy investors may sense how the integration of the companies can benefit them immediately and in the long term. Importantly, time is saved, allowing investors to focus more on other aspects of their purchases and IRA account creation or rollover.

Negative Aspects of Goldco Precious Metals

For as long as Goldco has been in business, the company has had a lack of Goldco Precious Metals complaints. While this would seem to be a good thing at first glance, some might wonder whether this could hide problems. After all, many investors would expect to find at least some Goldco Direct complaints from the past. Nevertheless, the company seems to be in good standing with investors at this point in time.

Ratings by Consumer Reporting Agencies

In line with Goldco Precious Metals reviews, ratings at the major consumer reporting agencies are excellent. At the Better Business Bureau, Goldco Precious Metals complaints are nonexistent, resulting in an A+ rating. According to the BBB, Goldco has had no complaints filed on any issue. TrustLink lists Goldco as having five out of five stars based on more than 170 positive reviews. Finally, the Business Consumer Alliance gives the company an AAA rating. No Goldco Direct complaints are listed. On the contrary, one Goldco Precious Metals review after another mentioned satisfaction with products, shipping and service provided by the company.

This Goldco Precious Metals review combines information about products and services along with information from consumer reporting agencies to give consumers an accurate idea of how the company performs. Since the merging of Goldco Direct and Heritage Gold Group, Goldco Precious Metals has offered investors both sales and IRA services in one place. While the company has only been open since 2014 in its present form, and 2006 before that, a total lack of Goldco Direct complaints seems to indicate that this precious metals provider is one of the better options available.

Goldco Precious Metals reviews cite product selection, customer service and convenience as being the best aspects of the company. At this time, some investors may feel apprehensive about the company’s short history. Weighing the positive reviews and short history of the company will be essential for any investor presently considering an investment through Goldco Precious Metals.

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