Heritage Gold Group Review

Heritage Gold Group has been offering gold IRA services since 2012, when it was formed by Goldco Direct. As of 2014, Heritage Gold and Goldco Direct have been merged to offer a more streamlined service to investors. This merger has also ensured that investors can more easily make the right purchasing decisions to satisfy IRS regulations regarding gold IRA rollovers. This Heritage Gold review looks at the company in depth and explains how Heritage Gold and its parent company are related.

Heritage Gold and Goldco

Goldco started selling precious metals in 2006 with a focus on gold, silver and service. In 2012, when the precious metals dealer opened its subsidiary, Heritage Gold, it broadened its options for investors interested in using gold and silver in their IRAs. By creating Heritage Gold Group, Goldco Precious Metals boosted the quality of its gold IRA service, which is the focus of Heritage rather than a sideline. Meanwhile, the branching off of Heritage enabled the parent company to continue devoting attention to its sales of precious metals.

The Heritage and Goldco Precious Metals Merger

While creating Heritage Gold Group allowed the parent company to divide areas of focus for the benefit of investors, the division also complicated connections between services. After all, investors commonly purchased precious metals from Goldco Precious Metals while they used Heritage for their gold IRAs. Naturally, the parent company decided to consolidate the companies. As of 2014, the companies were combined, bringing major improvements for investors keen on utilizing the strengths of both Heritage Gold Group and its parent company. It is easy to see why many Heritage Gold Group reviews note the dynamic experience of having these services available from the same company.

The takeaway from this Heritage Gold review is that the company and its parent, Goldco Precious Metals, are joined today. Instead of purchasing gold through one company for a gold IRA created by another company, investors can complete both tasks through the one. You can learn more about the parent company and its services in our full review article, which covers Heritage Gold Group reviews, consumer protection group ratings and more.  Read our full Goldco review here Goldco Precious Metals Review.

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