Provident Metals Review

Provident Metals has been dealing in precious metals since 2009 from its headquarters in Lavon, Texas. Offering a wide variety of bullion, currency and other investment metals, the company has a secure online platform where investors can make purchases at any time of day. Many Provident Metals reviews praise the company’s selection and prices, but shipping and customer service are the focus of several complaints. This Provident Metals review will cover positive aspects of the company as well as negative aspects and ratings among consumer protection agencies.

Positive Aspects of Provident Metal

Based on many a Provident Metals review, the most highly complimented aspects of the company involve its shipping, online security, prices and customer service. Here is a deeper look at how Provident Precious Metals performs in each of these areas.


When customers order Provident gold, Provident silver or other metals totaling over $99, their orders ship for free as long as they are located in the United States. Orders below $99 are shipped for the small sum of $5.95. According to Provident Metal, the company employs discretion with its choice of shipping labels for the security of investors. Furthermore, insurance is provided on shipments.

Low Costs

Provident Metals reviews frequently applaud the low prices offered by the company. With a clear understanding of the importance of affordability for investors, the company works to keep its products in line with the lowest costs on the market. These low prices do not appear to reflect low quality.

Online Security

Security should be on the mind of all investors who shop for precious metals online. In view of the importance of security, Provident Metals has instituted security on several levels at its website. Besides assuring customers that their credit card information will stay safe, the company vows to never sell the information of investors.

Customer Service

The value of good service cannot be overstated, and the customer service at Provident Metal is widely regarded as fast and courteous. Naturally, these features will help new customers feel welcome at the company. Being able to expect reliable service can also help investors save time as they make purchasing decisions.

Negative Aspects of Provident Metals

A number of Provident Metals complaints have surfaced, and some reported issues apply to aspects of the company that others have praised. Delivery, including shipping and packaging, and the quality of customer service have been criticized. Here is more about these problems.

Late or Absent Delivery

In more than one Provident Metals review, delivery has been described as lacking. Whereas the company claims to ship products quickly, some customers have said that their items arrived long after they should have. Shockingly, some investors have also claimed that they simply did not receive the items they paid for. This last detail makes some wonder about the existence of a Provident Metals scam.

Bad Packaging

Some Provident Metals complaints have involved the packaging used by the company. In at least one case, an investor claimed to have received one-ounce silver rounds loose in a regular envelope. When high-dollar investments are involved, insufficient packaging like this could potentially cause financial losses.

Customer Service Issues

Unfortunately, some reviewers have experienced bad customer service upon calling the company about problems. For example, dubious excuses have been received for long shipping times. In other cases, investors have perceived a bait and switch after being offered alternative items in lieu of coupons that did not work.

Consumer Reporting Agencies

The Provident Metals BBB page lists the company as being accredited since October 19, 2015, and having an A+ rating, but these details do not tell the whole story. According to the BBB, the high rating comes from the company’s operating time, complaint volume relative to size and responses to complaints. Meanwhile, the BBB has also issued an alert for the business because of repeated failures to send products to investors who had already paid. Among the 35 Provident Metals BBB complaints closed in the past three years, 22 complaints were related to delivery issues, six to products and service, four to advertising and sales and three to billing and collection. Although TrustLink lists the business, it has neither ratings nor reviews for it. The BCA does not list Provident Precious Metals.

Provident Gold and Provident Silver may be high-quality products, but other issues should make consumers wary of dealing with this company at present. A host of Provident metals reviews have addressed problems with delivery, customer service and packaging, and the Better Business Bureau has issued an alert for the company as a result.

Is there a Provident Metals scam occurring? From looking at customer reviews and the company’s BBB page, some problems are clearly present at the company. Although an organized scam cannot necessarily be concluded from the evidence, several consumers have clearly been ripped off by Provident Metals. Without prompt, dependable delivery of products, a precious metals dealer is simply a bad bet when returns are considered. Investors can draw their own conclusions about this company from the information provided here and at the Better Business Bureau. Until the company changes its practices, it cannot be recommended to consumers as a reliable source of precious metals. We hope you’ve found this Provident Metals review article helpful.

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