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Secure Your Future With a Gold IRA

Investing for retirement can be stressful, especially for those who are nearing the age of retirement. People aged 40 and above may wonder if the value of their retirement assets will be enough to allow them to live their retirement years to the fullest. They also may worry about the possibility that market fluctuations and economic events such as a recession could cause their retirement assets to lose value.

Consider a Gold IRA

Gold consistently performs well through economic downturns and recessions. This is why it is a popular investment for those who wish to hedge their investments against such occurrences. Investing in a gold IRA provides a tax-sheltered hedge that will help to bolster your portfolio of retirement assets.

When looking for the best gold IRA company, it is important to choose carefully. The IRS has specific rules and regulations pertaining to the proper procedures for investing in and maintaining a gold IRA and it is crucial to make sure that the custodian will work hard to protect not only your investment, but your compliance with IRS law as well.

Regal Assets Review

A top choice for gold IRA custodial services, Regal Assets has been in business for more than a decade, and has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, as well as 5 star ratings in customer service. As one of the largest and most experienced companies in asset management services, Regal Assets partners with their clients to insure that their assets are safe and managed completely within IRS code.

For instance, there are specific forms of gold that the IRS will approve for IRA investments, and there are also mandates for how the gold must be stored and maintained. Distributions from gold IRA’s are also regulated, and the professionals at Regal Assets make certain that their clients’ IRA’s are fully compliant with IRS law.

The gold forms that are IRS compliant include coins, bars and bullion and Regal Assets offers all forms with complete assurance of 100% compliance. New clients may be initially surprised at the selection of gold bullion available through Regal Assets. Other gold IRA companies commonly have a broader variety available. Regal Assets maintains the philosophy that its clients should have only top-quality gold in their portfolios and pledges to deliver no less than the best.

What Makes Regal Assets Superior to Other Gold IRA Companies?

The most impressive attribute as mentioned in many a Regal Assets review is the company’s excellent reputation for customer service and satisfaction. This attribute is derived from several other factors that set Regal Assets apart from their competitors and gives it the rating of the best gold IRA company by its customers.

Fixed Fee Schedule

For one thing, their fee structure is fixed, not tiered. This means that, regardless of the size of your investment, your fees will not increase as your investments grow. This is extremely important because it helps you to maximize your return by keeping your expenses low. And, as an added bonus, your first year with Regal Assets will be free of fees.

Buyback Protection

Regal Assets always buys back your gold at spot prices, so you need not worry about receiving less than market value.

Safe and Secure Delivery

Regal Assets follows IRS protocol in delivery and storage of your tax-sheltered gold IRA. Smaller parcels are delivered by insured mail while larger increments are shipped by Brinks armored truck with armed guards’ escort.

Prompt and Efficient Service

The professionals at Regal Assets pledge to deliver your gold within seven days, assuring that you will have access to your assets quickly. The positive aspect of this may be lost on you unless you have dealt with other asset management services where you may find yourself waiting months for your gold to be delivered.

At Regal Assets, delivery is guaranteed to take place within seven business days from the day the IRA is funded. Even better, as soon as the gold is shipped, clients are given tracking information so that they can monitor the progress of their shipments. As an added measure of security, Regal Assets accepts full responsibility for its gold shipments until such time as the clients have signed the acknowledgment of receipt.

Custodial Service Combined with Asset Management

Regal Assets does more than just provide your gold. They also provide a full range of asset management services to help you maximize the return on your investment. Other companies will acquire and deliver the gold for you, then leave the task of managing your gold up to you. Regal Assets, on the other hand, provides a full range of investment management services to guide you every step of the way.

Regal Assets also understands that when you make the decision to invest in a gold IRA, you want to get the ball rolling immediately. Market fluctuations can happen quickly and you need to execute when you are ready as opposed to waiting for hand-signed documents to be mailed or faxed. With Regal Assets, your account will be up and functional within 24 hours thanks to secure online document processing.

Exemplary Customer Service

According to reviews and other customer feedback, the main attribute that makes Regal Assets outshine their competitors is their commitment to client satisfaction. They recognize that many of their competitors focus on boosting their own sales volume, offering low-grade bullion in hopes of convincing their customers to purchase additional gold coins, the aggregate value of which may be less than what the customer needed.

The professionals at Regal Assets do not consider themselves to be sellers of gold. Rather, they partner with their clients to help them build a strong portfolio that will weather the economic storms that may be lurking on the horizon. Their only goal is the success of their clients with whom they share the mutual goal of maximizing the returns on their investments at minimal cost. In other words, the Regal Asset review valued most by the company is that of their clients.

In fact, it is this philosophy of exemplary customer service that has earned Regal Assets recognition by such esteemed publications as Forbes and Smart Money, plus it was ranked as a top 20 company by Inc. Magazine for investment services in the United States.

In a recent Regal Assets review, the Better Business Bureau also gives the company a perfect score, an achievement for which the company is extremely proud. The same perfect score was also bestowed by the Business Consumer Alliance as well as TrustLink.

How To Get Started

Click below to request a Free Gold Investing Kit from Regal Assets, while supplies last. This kit will teach you the closely-guarded secrets of the precious metals industry. DO NOT purchase gold or silver until you’ve read this crucial information.

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You may also qualify to receive a Free Copy of the book Aftershock with your Gold Investor Kit.

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Building a solid retirement future with a gold IRA is only a few clicks away. Simply go to the Regal Assets Official Website and begin setting up your account.

Your IRA documents will be sent to you via e-mail for your electronic signature, saving time and money. Within 24 hours you will be notified by email that your account has been set up, and you will be provided with your account number. You will also receive a transfer request form that can also be executed electronically through email, allowing them to transfer your funds from the existing custodian to your new account with Regal Assets.

As a part of their commitment to be the best gold IRA company and the best gold IRA custodian, the professionals at Regal Assets will never leave you in the dark as far as the status of your funds or your account. They keep their clients apprised of the status of their account through each step of the process.

As the economy fluctuates, or inflationary pressures arise, clients with gold and other precious metals IRAs with Regal Assets can take comfort in the knowledge that they have a solid hedge to protect their future.

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