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When considering a company to trust with your retirement investment, the most important thing to keep in mind is that knowledge is power. It is important to make sure that you have as much information as possible before you choose. In this Rosland Capital Review, we will examine all aspects of the company, both positive and negative, based upon research in order to assist you in making an informed decision regarding the company that assists you with your retirement investment account.

Founded in 2008 and located in Santa Monica, California, Rosland Capital LLC specializes in trading precious metals, including gold investments such as IRAs. They are listed with the Better Business Bureau as dealers in gold, silver, platinum and diamonds and the Rosland Capital BBB rating is “A”.

Let’s start this Rosland Capital review with the positives of the company.

Positive Aspects of Rosland Capital

Attractive to Investors Who Wish to Invest Smaller Amounts

Rosland Capital LLC may be attractive to investors who wish to invest smaller amounts than the minimums required by other companies. Accounts can be opened and funded for as little as $1,500. The company also promises to deliver precious metals within 10 days of receipt of funds, and provide free storage in an IRS-approved facility.

Free Initial Consultation

According to the company’s website, potential customers are given a free consultation before opening up an account. This consultation is to make certain that the customer is informed and understands all aspects of doing business with Rosland Capital.

Customer Service

The Rosland Capital BBB rating was earned in large part due to the company’s performance in resolving customer complains. Slightly less than the perfect rating of A+, the A rating suggests that Rosland Capital handles consumer issues in a superior manner when compared to other companies.

Negative Aspects of Rosland Capital

According to research and many a Rosland Capital review, clients of Rosland Capital LLC have reported some issues with the company that may be matters of concern for those who may be considering doing business with them.

Ceiling on Investment Amount

One of the most common of the Rosland Capital complaints is ironically similar to one of the positive aspects listed above. While the minimum amount may be attractive to those who cannot afford to invest large amounts, the maximum amount of $10,000 may be prohibitive to those who wish to invest larger sums.

Questionable Gold Quality

Another source for Rosland Capital complaints appears to be the quality of the gold that the company uses to back its IRAs. In order for a gold IRA to be compliant with the tax-sheltered provision of the IRS, it must fall within certain guidelines for form and quality. For instance, gold bars, bullion and certain coins are acceptable, but must be at least 99.5% pure to be acceptable by the IRS; yet, this company’s catalog lists available gold for IRAs that falls below the 99.5% threshold. Dissatisfied customers have alleged a Rosland Capital scam in which excessive prices are charged for substandard gold.

Delayed or Failed Deliveries

While the company does promise to deliver its gold within 10 days after receipt of payment, instances have been reported in which customers’ gold was delivered substantially later than the 10 days promised, as well as reports of failure to deliver altogether. Customers reviewing the company have referred to this as a Rosland Capital rip off.

Fees Based on Percentages

Rosland Capital’s fee schedule has received negative reviews. Unlike companies such as Regal Assets that use a fixed fee schedule regardless of the amount purchased, Rosland Capital’s commission is tiered by using a percentage basis. This means that, the more you invest, the more fees you will pay. While Rosland Capital states that they provide free storage services for IRA gold purchased, some customers have stated their beliefs that they are in fact paying for storage through the relatively expensive commissions, referred to as yet another Rosland Capital ripoff.

Industry Rankings and Ratings

While Rosland Capital’s rating with the Better Business Bureau is superior to some other companies, its ratings with other commercial grading entities are not quite as complimentary. According to the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), Rosland Capital is ranked as a poor company with only one A granted out of a possible AAA rating. The basis for this grade is 18 complaints that were registered over the past three years due to allegations of a Rosland Capital scam, including misrepresentation and undervaluation of investor holdings.

Another whistleblower, Trust Link, ranks its Rosland Capital Review with only three stars out of five possible. The reason for the low grade was reportedly caused by the number of issues regarding substandard customer service, advertising claims that promised more than the company would deliver, incorrect or misstated account reporting, and buyback plan claims that turned out to be false.

According to reviews posted on Trust Link, four customers gave a positive Rosland Capital review on the company. Each of these reviewers had executed a transaction at the onset of contacting Rosland Capital. The majority of remaining reviewers reported negative experiences including encounters with customer service representatives who were rude, made personal insulting remarks, and even hung up on them when they voiced uncertainty about purchasing precious metals through Rosland Capital.

Rosland Capital advertises a buyback policy that pays current market prices; however, customers report that the process is difficult and the prices are actually considerably below market when the transactions are completed. Additionally, the initial overpricing of its gold inventory causes inaccurate portfolio valuations when compared to market values.

Rosland Capital reviews even earned the company a mention on another web site,, that is dedicated to alerting consumers to possible unethical business practices by some companies. The RipOff Report has alerted the public that the company charged prices for their coins that were too high in proportion to market prices, and that the commissions and fees charged were excessive.

Choose Carefully

Investing in gold or other precious metals for retirement makes sense for several reasons, not the least of which is the hedge that it can provide against market uncertainties and fluctuations. It makes just as much sense to choose carefully when deciding upon a company with which to transact the purchase of the precious metals.

It is highly recommended that any company being considered be researched fully. Discerning the facts from the advertisements can mean the difference between maximizing your investment returns from simply boosting the revenues of the company.

In our research, we found only one company with an impeccable track record, ranking and rating with investors and consumer reporting agencies alike. That company is Regal Assets and, to date, their reputation is unmatched and unsurpassed.

Read a full review of Regal Assets here, or visit Regal’s Official Site here.

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