United Gold Direct Review

United Gold Direct, founded in 2009, is a seller of precious metals and provider of gold IRA setup services. Located in Westlake Village, California, the company sells a wide range of silver, gold and platinum investment products, including pre-1933 coins and bullion coins. Today, the company is a reputable member of the Industry Council on Tangible Assets and the American Numismatic Association. The following United Gold Direct review covers both positive and negative aspects of the company as well as its current ratings at consumer reporting agencies.

Positive Aspects of United Gold Direct

The advantages of investing with unitedgolddirect.com involve convenience, customer service, competitive pricing, shipping and storage. The broad range of options from the company can make it a good choice for clients who prefer to avoid working with multiple companies to achieve financial security. Here is more about each of these positives.

Convenient Selection of Products and Services

Many investors appreciate the ability to buy their precious metals and set up their gold IRAs in the same place. With United Gold Direct, doing so is simple. Furthermore, the chance to choose between bullion and numismatic coins can give investors more flexibility in their wealth building paths.

Customer Service

More than one United Gold Direct review has mentioned satisfaction with customer service from the company. Through discussions with customer service representatives, investors have been better able to choose the right precious metals for their plans. This can be ideal for investors who are new to precious metals and gold IRAs.

Competitive Pricing

Not only is pricing from United Gold Direct competitive compared to market standards, but it also is simple. Importantly, prices at the company include insurance and shipping fees, eliminating the need for investors to re-calculate their budgets based on add-on costs. The quality of products and services does not appear to be reduced to create this affordability.

Shipping and Storage

Investors can count on reliability when they order from Unitedgolddirect.com. For every order, shipping is registered and insured and sent through the U.S. Post Office. For security and peace of mind, the company includes tracking and requires recipients to sign for their packages. If investors prefer to store their precious metals remotely rather than store it on their own, they can have their purchases sent to the Delaware Depository, a company affiliated with United Gold Direct.

Negative Aspects of Unitedgolddirect.com

In terms of its products and services, United Gold Direct appears to offer nothing but quality. While the company has been in business for more than six years, no United Gold Direct complaints can be found. Naturally, this could be viewed as beneficial by investors considering the company for their needs. However, one may also view this as a simple lack of information. Investors should seek as much information as possible about precious metals companies before doing business with them, and research on this company may appear unbalanced because of the total lack of negative reviews.

Ratings at Consumer Reporting Agencies

Unitedgolddirect.com holds excellent ratings at two of the three major consumer reporting agencies. At the Better Business Bureau, where United Gold Direct has been accredited since 2009, the company has an A+ rating. The BBB says that it has received no United Gold Direct complaints in the past three years. On TrustLink, the company has a rating of five out of five stars based on the average of 18 perfect United Gold Direct review postings. Currently, the company is not listed at the Business Consumer Alliance. However, this lack of listing at the BCA may be related to an absence of United Gold Direct complaints or other reviews submitted to the company.

In the six years that Unitedgolddirect.com has been in business, the company has not appeared to have received any complaints regarding its products or services. However, investors may still want to proceed with caution considering that the lack of United Gold Direct complaints might only indicate insufficient time for problems to show up. Nonetheless, the many high points of the company’s dealings with investors can vouch for the fact that this company is presently in good standing with its target market. With all of the information provided in this United Gold Direct review, investors should be better prepared to decide whether this company is a good choice for precious metals purchases and gold IRA setup.


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