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US Gold Bureau Review

Investment experts agree that it is never too early, or too late, to plan for one’s retirement. Whether the method chosen is an IRA, 401(k) or similar investment means, it is just as important to carefully choose the asset that will back the investment vehicle. Many investors are choosing gold to serve this purpose, and with good reason. Gold is a global currency that serves as an excellent hedge against volatile stock market movements that could endanger other types of investments.

Just as crucial as the decision to choose gold is choosing a company with which to transact the buying and/or selling of the gold. As you might already know, the IRS sets forth specific criteria, such as form and purity, for gold to meet the required standards for backing a retirement investment.
One such company, US Gold Bureau, has been in business since 2003, as a buyer and seller of gold products for retirement, and non-retirement, purposes. We have thoroughly researched this company with the goal of providing an objective US Gold Bureau review of practices and consumer guide rankings in order to assist investors in making an informed decision in choosing the right precious company with which to do business.

US Gold Bureau Review

United States Gold Bureau is based in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2003, with ownership changing hands in 2006. The company provides little information on its website about its owners, business structure, and founders.

The company sells precious metals including gold, silver and platinum in a variety of forms such as bullion and coins. In addition to precious metals, US Gold Bureau also transacts in precious jewels such as diamonds.

Positive Aspects

Upon researching United States Gold Bureau reviews, we found positive aspects that make it an attractive choice to potential investors. Its web site is easy to navigate and is informative with up-to-date market information.
It has a section of its website dedicated to IRA/Retirement options, and provides a free retirement account rollover kit. Its website also pledges to ship purchases within two weeks, with all packages valued at $500 or greater fully insured.

The Better Business Bureau show an A+ rating for this business, citing such favorable aspects as length of time in business and resolution of consumer complaints. The complaints registered were resolved in a timely and acceptable manner.
Another consumer reporting website, TrustLink, rates the company with 4.7 stars out of 5 possible. Those who posted comments praised its customer service, broker knowledge, expertise, and quality of merchandise.

Negative Aspects

In researching United States Gold Bureau reviews, we discovered that the company has its share of negative aspects that should be taken into consideration by anyone who may be thinking about transacting business with this company. A common complaint is the name of the company, which some have expressed to be misleading by implying that the company is affiliated or backed by the US government, which is untrue and could be interpreted as a US Gold Bureau scam.In evaluating the overall performance of a company, it is often helpful to use another company, judged as superior, as a benchmark for comparison. For the purposes of this discussion, we will use Regal Assets for this comparison since they have been in business for approximately the same length of time, and engage in the same type of transactions.

For example, while satisfactorily resolving three US Gold Bureau complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau in such a way as to earn an A+ rating, the company has not been accredited by the BBB. Regal Assets, on the other hand is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has had zero complains lodged against them.One of the most common US Gold Bureau complaints is that of the length of time that elapses between closing the transaction and receiving the items purchased. The company states on its own web site that, once the gold or other items have been purchased, the items are generally shipped within two weeks and often arrive at the purchaser’s designated destination within 4-6 weeks after purchase. This can be especially frustrating during times of volatile market activity that can affect the value of the purchase during a time in which the purchaser has no control over his assets, as they are still waiting to receive his purchased items. Customers with Regal Assets enjoy guaranteed delivery of their purchases within seven days of closing the transaction.

Another matter that might be a red flag as to a US Gold Bureau scam is how the company handles the repurchase of gold from its clients. Regal Assets is very forthcoming about the manner in which they arrange for repurchase and pick up of gold that clients wish to sell back to the company. United States Gold Bureau, on the other hand, is vague about whether they will even repurchase the gold and, if so, at what price. Regal Assets pledges to always repurchase at spot price in order to protect the client to the greatest extent possible.
Summing It Up

While US Gold Bureau has positive aspects that make this company worth considering, the positives certainly do not meet or exceed those of the comparison company.

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